Phone “uptime” reporting/history/alerting

3 years agocompleted0

From time to time clients will call us saying “our phones were down”…but now they’re back…

…or a client will tell us of problems with a phone frequently going offline.

Current fields only show us the extension status at that moment…and the only time stamp is the timestamps of the the last registration/upcoming expiration and those times don’t really tell us information.

Similar to RMM Device history it would be helpful to have logs for at at least a 7 or 30 day period of an endpoint’s history and “how long” it’s been online.

If possible too, the ability to setup alerts to know if a complete site goes down (ie: >90% of the total phones on the account are suddenly not registered for >5 minutes)

It will allow us to track those timestamps against other information we may see on the network and try to help find the problem on the LAN as to why phones would go in and out of registration.

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