Music on Hold Preferences

3 years agoin progress1

Two fold (in one feature request for convenience)
– Allow for different MOH tracks to be selected for a parked call…Presently I believe it only plays what is defaulted “to the account”.

ie: If someone is on park (and specifically down to the park spot) they’re wanted to hear a different MOH track.

MOH for an extension (non-park) will override if someone uploads a MOH to that extension — that’s okay, but I would like an “expert view” so that we can see what MOH track/profile is assigned to a certain extension and as a bonus change that within the “expert view”. (I’ll have another “expert view” request coming soon.

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  1. Raffi Jamgotchian

    Some of this has made the list. For example the expert view. but the original cannot be done based on architectural reasons

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