2FA for portal access and more complex passwords

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Would be nice to have 2 factor authentication to login to the portals. I would say all portals, CST and End User Portal. Also the end user portal password can only consist of numbers which is a security concern for some of my prospect clients.

3 thoughts on “2FA for portal access and more complex passwords”

  1. I would prefer an OAuth/SAML integration so make it so users can sign in with their existing Microsoft/Duo/etc identity than to force another password and another 2FA process on them. I’m sure that’s not as easy, but it would be considerably more user-friendly and makes it easier for me to push the phone service alongside everything else.

  2. Raffi Jamgotchian

    Thanks for those comments Jon. It would be great to start a discussion about this over on the partner community board (cmv.mobilize.io) to get other partner feedback.

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