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    Music on Hold Preferences
    8 months agoin progress1
    Two fold (in one feature request for convenience) - Allow for different MOH tracks to be selected for a parked call...Presently I believe it only plays what is defaulted "to the account". ie: If s... Read more...
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    "Expert View"/Set account defaults.
    8 months agoin progress0
    There are many times where we want to set a client's account up for certain templates for example; on routing to play rings...or even having default "fails" that we want to put on all the extension... Read more...
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    Swap/Replace Phone
    8 months agodeclined0
    two-fold: 1) Sometimes a client will play "musical desks" (not like hot-desking...more of a perm. move) and rather than have the employee just take their phone with them they want us to change the p... Read more...
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    Template Creation
    9 months agoin progress0
    more "self-service" template creation in UI form.
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    Phone "uptime" reporting/history/alerting
    9 months agocompleted0
    From time to time clients will call us saying "our phones were down"...but now they're back... ...or a client will tell us of problems with a phone frequently going offline. Current fields only ... Read more...
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    More Int'l calling security options
    9 months agocompleted1
    Part A: Ability to have only some extensions able to dial int'l. Part B (in addition to): option for PIN code validation SEPERATE from the voicemail pin.
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    Ring Group Options
    9 months agoin progress0
    Ability to have a ring group with some numbers having "call announce" and other numbers not having a call screening ability. Use case: having office phone and cell phone in RG...but if you pickup o... Read more...
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    More Custom Templates for Phone Features
    10 months agoapproved1
    In moving to using "templates" for custom configs vs. configuration statements, I'd like more pre-built forms for popular options (ie: Call Waiting Toggle, Time Zone Adjustments, etc). I'll add it ... Read more...
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    Update Caller ID between Transfer, Park Retrieval, Intercept, etc.
    10 months agoreviewed1
    Presently in CMV you will lose the "originating callers" Caller ID if you: Park/Retrieve a call or transfer a call via an assisted transfer. I would like for the originating callers Caller ID to... Read more...
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    Multiple AT Menu
    10 months agoin progress0
    You can have a day and night greeting on an AT, but cannot change the Menu options for "night mode". Makes the ease haveing different route/options after hours difficult and results in the creation... Read more...